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Netfor saw a need within State and Local Governments to leverage their existing best practices in Enterprise Service Management (ESM) principles to streamline and modernize how governments provide customer service to their constituents.

Netfor has a passion for helping all organizations work better, faster, and with the tools needed to successfully manage their workflows. Nowhere does this passion ring more true than with workforce development agencies where Netfor is fielding unemployment claimant phone calls at scale. Netfor services these calls while working hand in hand with the experts in the various agency departments to ensure all calls are services to their expectations.  This frees up the subject matter experts to focus on making business decisions and lead vs managing the calls themselves.


  • All levels of state and local government
  • 500,000+ Calls
  • Countless Satisfied Customers

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Netfor's 'Recognize' Chatroom

Netfor's main way of employee communication is through Google Chat and within that we have rooms for Employees to Join.  These chats are posed from our "Recognize" Chat room where Managers give praise to our agents for handling calls with professionalism and positivity.  

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